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our mission

Ethical and honest behaviour

in business is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and the foundation of the entire organization. e operate on the principle of sustainable growth through a conscious relationship between increasing revenues, caring for the natural environment and the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

In daily work, we base our business decisions on our Code of Conduct rules.

who we are?

As Iv Poland, we are an expert in the field of technologically advanced solutions for electrical engineering, low voltage systems, automation and building management systems developed by a team of experienced engineers and managers.


Iv Poland was previously Electro Croon Polska. The former Electro Croon Polska was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of Croonwolterendros B.V. In 2023, the company was acquired by Iv and renamed Iv Poland. Iv is a globally operating multidisciplinary engineering company that, since 1949, has developed technical solutions for issues of every size and complexity.

what we do?

We are an engineering services provider offering the highest class professional solutions for demanding customers in the building construction, industry, infrastructure as well as the maritime market. We implement projects located on the Polish market as well as on the foreign markets, mainly Dutch.

how we work?

We are focused on using both tried out and tested as well as innovative solutions. This comes from our conviction that thus we effectively help our clients in the implementation their intended goals.

why Iv Poland?


We employ engineers specializing in electrical and low voltage systems installations, automation and BMS systems as well as in mechanical installations.


Engineers from our team are graduates of renowned technical universities with many years of extensive experience gained in Poland and abroad.


We are happy to undertake non-standard tasks, prototype and innovative installations, both stationary and visionary on the maritime market.


We work using the BIM platform. We model installations in 3D architecture. We use modern software for the implementation of the projects: Instalsoft, Autocad, Eplan, Vabi UO & Elements, Stabicad, lntelec, Solibri, Revit, SKM Power Tools.


our realisations

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