Designs for the maritime sector

We offer technologically advanced electrical, automatic and control systems dedicated to floating objects.

What facilities do we operate?

Passenger ships and ferries


Drilling platforms

Cruise ships

Commercial ships

Specialized ships for the Gas & Oil market

Wind farms

Transhipment terminals

And many more

Safety and control
systems for all ships

By supporting our customers, we care about creating the most advanced systems of various types, ensuring comfort and safety for the crew and travellers.

Safety and comfort offshore

Each ship, regardless of its purpose, must be equipped with installations the operation of which is crucial for the safety of the crew and the comfort of passengers.

Our experience in designing installations of various systems guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of their operation.

Experience in designing for various types of units

Our experienced engineers had the opportunity to work on installation designs for various types of ships, including cruise ships, passenger ferries, commercial ships and specialized units for the Gas & Oil market.

We also develop installations for offshore facilities, such as oil platforms, wind farms and transhipment terminals.

Use of advanced technologies

When designing installations, our team of specialists constantly uses the latest technologies. Programming PLC controllers, operator panels and network devices is an everyday activity for us, which allows us to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the solutions we offer.

Our designs cover a wide range of electrical installations.

We design electrical installations for security systems, alarm systems, control systems, communication systems and energy distribution.

We make sure that both main, emergency and distribution switchgears meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability even in the most demanding marine conditions.

We support Polish and foreign customers

As a company with a global reach, we provide services to clients both from Poland and abroad.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the expectations of even the most demanding entrepreneurs in the maritime industry.

Do you have questions about your design or want more information?

Are you looking for high-quality design or implementation services in the field of electrical installations, HVAC, water and sewage installations and automation?

Write to us and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible and present the possibilities of cooperation.