Designs for the industry

Complex designs for various industries are our everyday life

Industrial facilities


Air terminals

Power plants

Power stations

Waste incineration plants

And many more

Creation, development, modernization

We support newly constructed facilities, but we also modernize existing ones.


A leading supplier of solutions for the industry

Industry, as an exceptionally versatile environment, covers a wide range of facilities, from factories to airport terminals, power plants and energy stations.

At Iv Poland, we specialize in implementing new projects and modernizing existing electrical installations in these key sectors.

In-depth analysis of processes and detailed customer requirements

Our engineers have extensive experience in designing electrical installations and control systems, especially in large industrial facilities.

Their skills and commitment allow us to cope with even the most demanding designs, exceeding 35,000 I/O points.


Innovative approach to technology

At Iv Poland, we constantly use the latest technological achievements to provide our customers with the highest quality of services.

Our solutions are optimized in terms of technical requirements and meet the highest quality standards, which translates into the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises using our services.

Do you have questions about your design or want more information?

Are you looking for high-quality design or implementation services in the field of electrical installations, HVAC, water and sewage installations and automation?

Write to us and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible and present the possibilities of cooperation.