The PALLAS medical isotopes reactor

A new medical isotope reactor, the PALLAS REACTOR, is under development in Petten. This will replace the existing high flux reactor. Iv Poland is providing design support to Iv – Industrie, Netherlands, in the preliminary and detailed engineering stages and is developing a large number of design work packages. Iv is also preparing contracting for implementation and commissioning. The project is being carried out on behalf of the Argentinian company ICHOS.

Designing in the nuclear sector means meeting the high safety requirements in this area. In addition, international safety requirements and the Nuclear Energy Act must be met. Iv pays particular attention to this in the design process and the development of documentation packages. In addition, extensive knowledge and experience in systems engineering is required.

Every day, 30,000 people worldwide depend on Petten’s production of medical isotopes. This allows patients to be treated and tested with radioactive substances in the nuclear departments of hospitals. As a leading global manufacturer, PALLAS REACTOR makes a significant contribution to nuclear medicine and research.







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