We moved 🙂 Since June, our engineers from Warsaw have been working in a new office at Stawki 40. It is bright, comfortable and, above all, ergonomic. We like such changes!

From now on, in addition to our former owner company, Croonwolter & dros, we have established cooperation with two other companies on the Dutch market. We operate in the field of designing HVAC, sanitary and electrical installations as well as BIM / Revit modeling.

We are working on an exciting new project!

It is an extension of Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba, an island in the Netherlands Antilles.

We work for Croon Caribe and carry out detailed designs for electrical installations and teletechnical installations, including:

in the field of electrical installations

– earthing and lightning protection installations

– power supply installations for airport systems

– lighting installations

– power installations

– cable network and electrical switchboards

In the field of teletechnical installations

– flight information board system (DDS)

– sound system

– computer structural network

– system of surveillance cameras (CCTV)

– access control installation